Securityerror: error # 2148: SWF file (SWF file cannot access this

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error information:

Securityerror: error # 2148: SWF file cannot access local resources. Only file system limited swf files and trusted local swf files can access local resources
at com.edlt.utils::Settings/loadSettings()[D:


the first type:

Right click on flex project — > properties–> ActionscriptCompiler–> Additional compiler arguments
plus “- use network = false” is OK

SWF can’t access network resources, such as socket communication.

so it’s better not to use it like this

the second:

I found a lot of articles about the security sandbox on the Internet, most of them are about how to solve the problem of network resource access, which is different from the result I want in this article. Although these articles do not solve the problem of local resource access. The solution to this problem should be similar. For the network, add a trusted domain name to the cross file to allow access. Then, local resources should also be able to add a local resource path somewhere to allow access

the details are as follows:

Find system32 ﹣ macromed ﹣ flash ﹣ flashplayer trust in the windows installation directory, create a text file in this directory, enter the detailed path to the local resource flash in the file, and save it. Execute SWF, no more mistakes. OK

For example, add a file in the directory of C: windows, system32, macromed, flash, flashplayertrust, such as 1.txt (the file name can be any number). The file content is “D: demo, test”, which is the path of the project. Of course, it can also be set to “D:”

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