[Solved] CDP7.1.7 Install hive on tez Error: Can’t create directory /mnt/ssd/yarn/nm/usercache/urika/appcache/application_1424508393097_0004 – Permission denied

1. overview

The compatibility of hive and hive on tez of CDP is not good enough. Normal installation will report various errors. For example, after installing hive, installing hive on tez will report an error: can’t create directory/MNT/SSD/yarn/nm/usercache/urika/appcache/application_1424508393097_0004 – Permission denied.

2. Cause analysis

It is suspected that hive has created the directory, but hive # on tez creates the file when using it, resulting in inconsistent user permissions.

3. Solution

The earliest solutions came from:


Delete the hive on tez server with hiveserver2, change the directory, and then restart it.

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