[Solved] docker nginx localhost connection refused connect() failed (111: Connection refused)while connecting to upstream


Visit nginx 502 bad gateway

connect() failed (111: Connection refused)while connecting to upstream

Possible causes 1 docker network problems

The bridge used by docker nginx container (default), and the forwarded service and nginx are on the same machine, but not in the same container, and nginx.conf proxy_pass  is localhost/

Solution 1:

proxy_pass use intranet (starting with 172/10)/public address IP addr view the address of the machine.

Solution 2:

When starting the nginx container, use --net=host to specify the same network as the host.

docker run --name some-nginx --net=host -v /home/docker/nginx:/etc/nginx -v /home/docker/nginx/logs:/opt/app/logs -d nginx

Possible question 2 is the service started or not?

Make sure the service starts normally docker ps check whether the service exists;

Ensure proxy_ The port of pass is consistent with the service port being forwarded. Use telnet IP port to test

Possible question 3: is the port open

For ECS, if the proxy address is not the local IP address, please open the corresponding port in the corresponding security policy

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