[Solved] Error attempting to get column ‘create_time‘ from result set. Cause: java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupported

MP official suggestions
there is no problem with versions before 3.1.0. The above problems occur for 3.1.1 and subsequent versions

Phenomenon: integrate the Druid data source. There is no problem using the version before 3.1.0. After upgrading MP to 3.1.1 +, an error occurs when running: java.sql.sqlfeaturenotsupportedexception

Reason: mp3.1.1 + uses the new version of JDBC, localdatetime and other new date type processing methods to upgrade, but Druid is not supported before version 1.1.21. Refer to issue


> 1. Upgrade druid to 1.1.21 to solve this problem.
> 2. keep mp version 3.1.0.
> 3. Keep up with the mp version and change the druid data source

POM is as follows



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