[Solved] Modify the column in el-table, causing the browser to report an error: ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded

In the development process, the root return data to determine the column is involved, which causes the browser to report an error ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded. Solve the problem of emptying the column in data, put the data in the function, wait for the request data, and then generate a new column together. If it involves modifying the column, you can first empty the column and then re-render it. ResizeObserverIt avoids the infinite callback and circular dependency triggered by adjusting the size in its own callback. It only achieves this by processing deeper elements in the DOM in subsequent frames. If (the browser) follows the specification, the call will only be triggered before drawing or after layout. Because the change in the width of each column of the table causes the ResizeObserver cycle to exceed the limit and report an error, so the table is first cleared, instead of changing the original width, so it does not cause the ResizeObserver to trigger, so there is no error (guess). If it doesn’t work, you can also ignore the custom error report~

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