[Solved] The instance cannot be started due to the attribute change of the oracle file under the grid user

startup mount pfile=’/tmp/pfile0722.txt’

Error Message:
Fatal NI connect error 12547, connecting to:

TNS for Linux: Version – Production
Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version – Production
Time: 22-JUL-2021 23:37:09
Tracing not turned on.
Tns error struct:
ns main err code: 12547

TNS-12547: TNS:lost contact
ns secondary err code: 12560
nt main err code: 517

TNS-00517: Lost contact
nt secondary err code: 32
nt OS err code: 0

View file attributes:

[grid@rac01 trace]$ ls -al /u01/grid/grid_home/18.0.0/bin/oracle
-rwxr-x–x 1 grid oinstall 413848192 Jul 16 03:01 /u01/grid/grid_home/ 18.0.0/bin/oracle

[root@rac02 ~]# ls -al /u01/grid/grid_home/18.0.0/bin/oracle
-rwsr-s–x 1 grid oinstall 413848192 Jul 16 03:24 /u01/grid/grid_home/18.0 .0/bin/oracle

The modification is consistent with the correct one:
[root@rac02 ~]#chmod gu+s /u01/grid/grid_home/18.0.0/bin/oracle

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