Tableau must know and must know how to make an intuitive waffle chart

Waffle chart, also known as right angle pie chart, can intuitively show the percentage of completion: there are 100 grids, and each grid represents 1%. Compared with the traditional pie chart, the percentage of waffle pie chart is more intuitive and accurate.

Usually, we use the waffle pie chart to compare the proportions of the same type of indicators. For example, the comparison of quarterly sales completion ratio of enterprises, the comparison of attendance rate of different films, and so on.

So, how to realize such a waffle pie in tableau?Let’s share the method today.

To facilitate learning, we use tableau’s “example supermarket” data and prepare a waffle data source. After mastering chestnut method, you can try to use your own data source.

Tips: you need to make a 10 × 10 table to present the percentage, so the rows and columns of the data source are written as 1-10. Percentage is to compare the profit rate with the supermarket data source. This data source is universal for any waffle pie chart (patients with lazy cancer can contact Xiaoyou wechat dkmxiaoyou to obtain the data source).

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