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Windows Install Node.js Error: 2503, 2502 [How to Solve]

1. In order to obtain the highest permission through the command prompt, we cut the downloaded node installation package to the root directory of disk C. first, we right-click and click [cut]

2. Open the root directory of Disk C and right-click [paste] in the blank space

3. Click continue in the pop-up reminder to cut the node installation package

4. Right-click start on the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, and then click command prompt (administrator). This means opening the command prompt with the highest privileges

5. Enter the command CD\, and then press enter

6. using commands MSIEXEC/package node-v8.7.0-64.msi to install

Node.js hot overload, including operation error report and Solutions

Installation: NPM install – G hotnode

Run: hotnode xxx.js

But this thing reported an error when my computer was running


Address of the problem: C: \ users \ Nanke \ appdata \ roaming \ NPM \ node_ modules\hotnode\javascript\hotloader.js

Enter edit

Return uril. Print (data. Tostring()) in line 112;

Modify to return console.log (data. Tostring());


Node.js is upgraded from 12. X to 14. X. the original Vue project starts with an error

Error message:

         After nodejs upgrade, the Vue project starts with an error message, prompting the command “NPM rebuild node sass”


        1. Execute on the command line   npm install -g cnpm –registry= https://registry.npm.taobao.org

        2. Execute the command again: NPM rebuild node sass

        3. Restart Vue project successfully

Nuxt module build failed error report

Problem, in the process of nuxt development, run NPM run dev to report an error directly. The error information is as follows

 Module build failed: Error: Plugin/Preset files are not allowed to export objects, only functions.

Causes and Solutions

Reason: This exception indicates a version conflict in babel, a babel dependency package is not compatible, there is both babel version 7.0 and babel version 6.0 in the package.json dependency package.

The two versions are obviously incompatible, so we can upgrade all of them to babel 7.0.

Solution: Upgrade to babel 7.0 with npm install [email protected] and the version conflict will be solved.