Tomcat running under Linux reports an error broken pipe

linux tomcat run error Broken pipe

It is possible that linux’s threading mechanism can generate JVM errors, especially during connection peaks often appear such problems, tomcat in linux also appear similar situations.
The solution is to set: _JAVA_SR_SIGNUM = 12 in the environment variable and you can basically solve it.In WIN environment variable set: _JAVA_SR_SIGNUM=12, if Linux with export _JAVA_SR_SIGNUM=12, basically you can solve.
sun’s explanation.
--posted by: cooper
Below is a clipping from Sun on working around JVM crashes under high
thread counts in the JVM 1.3 for Linux
On Linux, use a larger signal number for hotspot thread
suspension/resumption handler. The signal number being used is
specified by environment variable _JAVA_SR_SIGNUM. Setting it to a
number larger than SIGSEGV (11) will solve the PRoblem. A good number
to use is 12, which is SIGUSR2. Using signal 16 to work around the
problem might have potential problems. So on tcsh, “setenv
_JAVA_SR_SIGNUM 12” can solve the problem.


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