Tomcat Startup Error: Server Tomcat v8.5 Server at localhost failed to start.

#Server Tomcat v8.5 Server at localhost failed to start.

1、 Investigation ideas

The most direct and effective way is to look at the console

2、 Specific solutions

As shown in the figure above, the reason for the error will be indicated in the exception information, generally in the following cases

    1. the workspace corresponding to Tomcat (for example, webapps or wtpwebapps in Tomcat installation directory) does not exist, as shown in the figure above
    1. solution: delete the corresponding folder and restart Tomcat. The project itself has errors or the project introduces jar package has problems
    1. solution: if it is built by maven, you can run as – & gt; Maven test to check if there is a problem with the dependent jar package and the servlet mapping definition is duplicate, web.xml Use

< url-pattern>/ url</ The servlet mapped by code> and the servlet class URL annotated by @ webservlet ("/ URL") are duplicated either

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