Using eclipse optimizer for eclipse

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##Introduction to optimizer for eclipse

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As the name suggests, optimizer for eclipse plug-in is mainly used to solve the problem of eclipse performance optimization

###1. Low memory allocation

A lower minimum heap size will cause the JVM to allocate additional memory. When you don’t have enough memory, the JVM with frequent garbage collection will slow down your experience

###2. Slow class verification

Class executes validation classes and plug-in classes in eclipse, which significantly slows down the startup of the JVM

###3. Big index and history

Over time, eclipse generates a huge cache of history and index files. These files in RAM and SSD hard disk make eclipse slow and unresponsive

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###4. JDK is slow

Oracle JDK is the performance leader and continues to improve every release. If you don’t use this version, you miss it

###5. Eclipse is out of date

Eclipse is trying to get better with every new version. Keep your eclipse up to date and benefit from the latest improvements

###6. Lengthy build and deployment

Adding jrebel to your eclipse will allow you to immediately reload code, change running applications, eliminate the time wasted in application build, restart and redeploy

##Optimizer for eclipse installation

###Mode 1

Click “get your optimizer now” on the home page and drag the “install optimizer for eclipse” button to your eclipse. It will be installed automatically

###Mode 2

Search “optimizer for eclipse” in “open help → eclipse marketplace”. Click “Install”

###Mode 3

Add a repository in “open help → install new software”


Go to the dialog box and install

###Mode 4

Get offline package . Unzip to the local. Link file to install

Where. Link points to the decompressed plug-in, and then put the. Link file in the dropins directory of the eclipse installation directory

##Using optimizer for eclipse

On the right hand side, there are corresponding options that need to be optimized

Click options, and then click “restart eclipse” to restart eclipse

When you enter eclipse again, you can see the performance improvement. You can choose to quit optimizer or continue to optimize

You can find the optimizer control page in “open help → optimizer for eclipse”

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