Python learning notes – Import utils error

Today, I encountered a problem with Keng father. I searched for the reason for it for a long time and finally solved it. I specially record it here

Running environment: Windows eclipse

I configured the running environment of Python in eclipse and wrote Python code in eclipse

Operation steps:

1. On the python interactive command line, enter import utils without error

2. In the pydev project of eclipse, enter import utils, and the error is: unresolved import: utils


1. In eclipse, click window preferences pydev interpreters Jython   Interpreter, in libraries, click new folder and add the path – > Click “OK”

2. Restart eclipse to solve the problem

Similarly, it can be solved as follows:

1. Right click project to open the menu – > Select properties – > Select “pydev interpreter/grammar” – > Click the link “click here to configure an interpreter not listed.” – > In the “libraries” tab, click “new folder” to add the path of utils – > Click “OK”

2. Restart eclipse


In this way, you can solve the problem of “unresolved import” in eclipse pydev


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