Vs generation fails without error [How to Solve]

Vs generation fails without error

Problem Description:

Copy from one machine to another

The first XP system, VS2005   framework2.0

Second win7   Vs2011 used

Reason for generation failure:

Some DLLs inside are not registered in win7, that is, there is a yellow exclamation mark

Due to more than 700 warnings, ha ha

Important information can’t be seen, so I don’t know what’s wrong


Item (all) — “right click” — “property” — “generate” — “warning” set to 0 (portal)

View specific warning errors:   C# compiler error warning

Then regenerate. At this time, most of the warnings will disappear. There are only a few messages that affect the generation failure. At this time, you can view and modify the target

Summary: if the generation fails, but there is no error prompt and only a warning, you should see the warning (the situation I encountered is that several DLLs do not exist and a yellow exclamation mark appears   Remove it (OK)

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