[Vue warn]: You may have an infinite update loop in a component render function.


This error is reported in the project, and the wrong location cannot be located:




It’s because I want to solve the problem that the pictures with the same name in the table are not refreshed when they are cached (for example, after uploading a new picture, the original picture is still displayed on the page),

I use the timestamp as the key of the picture, for example: number (New date())

This seems to cause: when the table is refreshed, the picture is always rendering, falling into an endless loop


Original code:

<img :key="Number(new Date())" ...  />

I changed the key to a global vuex variable, which can be refreshed every time the data is refreshed

New code:

<img :key="GlobalRefreshKey" ...  />

Refresh in interface Interceptor:


I won’t write the definition in vuex~

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