WordPress card in WP admin / setup- config.php It’s a blank

When installing WordPress, it is stuck in WP admin/setup- config.php , a blank, online search the possibility of this situation:

1. Say yes php.ini Security mode is turned on and some functions are disabled. After checking, PHP does not run in security mode

2. Say yes php.ini Set the maximum memory usage to memory only_ Limit = 8m, the default setting is 128M

3. Say yes/WP config- sample.php There is something wrong with the code of, it needs to be changed to ANSI. After testing, it is invalid, and it is changed back to UTF-8

4. It’s said that the file permissions are too open. Don’t use 777 or something. I have set permissions, users and user groups in various ways, but still can’t solve the problem

It turns out that php.ini Open according to the tutorial settings_ Basedir =.:/TMP /, that is to prevent PHP cross site attacks. Now, PHP cross site attack is not seen, I can not even run the program properly. Right now php.ini Comment out this character, restart Apache, problem solved!

Don’t know the specific reason, to be studied!

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