Yet Another Java Service Wrapper

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This thing can automatically wrap Java programs into windows services

Solve the boot problem of some Java programs that should be run after power recovery. Windows services similar to Tomcat can be booted automatically~

It’s easy to use

Run genconfig PID in bat directory

—–PID is the PID of the Java virtual machine process opened by the program, not the PID of the program you are running!!! (I’ve been inking this for a long time.)

It will automatically generate configuration files in the conf directory wrapper.conf

When you open a text document, you can see the parameters and configuration that are automatically read. The service name and service description of windows are also in it. Read the document for details~

Finally, run in bat installService.bat The Java program can be automatically registered as windows service~

The default is manual. Don’t forget to start it automatically~~

The log folder records the log of the program~~~

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