Mysql5.7 service startup error on Windows

After installation, start the service net start mysql, which cannot be started. The log reports an error. Some system tables, mysql.user and other tables are missing


Execute under Bin: mysqld — initialize execute — user = MySQL

After execution, generate the directory C: \ program files \ MySQL \ MySQL server 5.7 \ data. Create a new root user without a password

mysqladmin  – u   root   password   123456, specify the root user password




Net start MySQL
net stop MySQL
mysqld — install, install services on windows, mysqld — remove remove remove services

Mysqld — console start printing log
mysqladmin – uroot shutdown stop service


Here is the most important thing to pay attention to. When installing MySQL service, you must switch to the bin directory of MySQL installation directory, no matter whether you configure environment variables or not, otherwise the above error will be reported when starting the service after installation

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