Android Studio ERROR: SSL peer shut down incorrectly (Solved)

Error: SSL peer shut down incorrect error resolution (Android studio)

Error reason: Android studio encountered an error when downloading the “gradle-4.10.1-all. Zip” file. The error reason is that the studio tool does not support the HTTPS request


Method 1

Change the “distributionurl = HTTPS” in the “gradle wrapper. Properties” file to HTTP, and then click the above button again?(2) download the gradle file again, or “try again”

Path of gradle project gradle wrapper gradle

Method 2

Click the “SDK manager” button icon on the top of the development software to enter the window, select the “SDK update sites” option, check the “force HTTPS// sources to be fed using HTTP//” option on the bottom, restart the Android Studio development tool, and then click “elephant” according to the picture of the first way Icon to download the “gradle-4.10.1-all. Zip” file again

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