Annotation-specified bean name ‘customerMapper’ for bean class [com.jiutong.zeus.old.mapper.zqp.CustomerMapper] conflicts with existing, non-compatible bean definition of same name and class


Some error reports do not display error information




Not directly displayed, suddenly interrupted.

  If the parent public resource is referenced, the error message will be displayed when the project is added again. After deletion, the error message will still be displayed

Try, add in the project



With the starter, the error message is displayed.  





Today, I started the service happily and found that I couldn’t get up.




explain    conflicts with existing   You have a duplicate name.


For example, my file is   com.jiutong.zeus.old.mapper.zqp.CustomerMapper


The name customermapper is repeated.


Global search, Ctrl + Shift + F  



As like as two peas, the two interfaces are exactly the same.



Just give it an alias.



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