[Solved] Terminal G + + run exe file Error: unable to locate program input point__gxx_personality_v0

There was no error in the G + + compilation process, and the EXE file was successfully generated. However, when running the EXE file, an error will be reported as soon as it runs.

Solutions: (libstdc++-6.dll)

In the MinGW/bin directory you downloaded, there is a file called libstdc + + – 6.dll. Find it and right-click to copy it

Underdrive C, find the system folder (you can enter the name of the folder to find it, that is, the “search…” box in the upper right corner of the file system), paste a copy into it, you need administrator permission, and click OK

Underdrive C, find the syswow64 folder (64-bit computer), paste a copy into it, and you need administrator permission. Click OK

Place the file and run it again.

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