Automatic compilation of visual build professional

Visual build Pro can help software developers automatically produce reusable projects for their software development. The software has powerful automatic compiling function, visual build Pro supports automatic creation of installation program, FTP, HTTP, LAN sharing and other file transfer modes, and has powerful log recording system and automatic running unit test cases; in addition, it also supports automatic sending mail and database operation. Visual build supports the creation of projects. Each project contains several step groups, and each group contains several steps. For example, a simple daily build can be divided into resource update, code update, automatic compilation, automatic creation of installation package, automatic running of test cases, and notification of results to relevant personnel. You can subdivide the above steps into small steps, and the subdivision is completed by visual build. Visual build defines a template for various steps. You only need to fill in different parameters according to your own project. Specific use can see the help file, the operation inside are very detailed, but some places still need to pay attention to.

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