DotFuscator anti obfuscation download cracking using DotFuscator software services

Advanced. Net code security technology:

Namespace/type/method/field renaming uses our patented overload induction TM renaming system. It has powerful “overload sensing” function.

Control flow obfuscation – with this product, even the best current decompilers can’t get useful output.

String encryption.

Several predefined renaming schemes that contain nonprintable characters.

Watermark software

. net code efficiency:

Your application will be smaller.

Pruning/compacting: source code obfuscation controls remove types, methods, and fields that are not actually used.

Enhanced trimming and renaming of reports.

Assembly link.

Comprehensive and efficient. Net code development and deployment:

The. Net framework is fully supported.

You can easily use XML based configuration files.

The resulting map file allows you to do a stack trace.

Add confusion function.

It includes graphical user interface and command line interface which are suitable for integration into the compilation environment.

Provide more comprehensive and accurate user guide in PDF format.

Supports managed C + + modules.

Powerful and easy to use named line interface.

Full support for the compact version of. Net framework.

Seamless confusion of affiliated dynamic link library.

Highly integrated with visual studio “project generation” function.

Debugging support, including decoding stack trace information.

It can implement include/exclude by customizing attribute matching.

It not only fully supports but also integrates with visual stu source control DIO 2005.

It supports declarative obfuscation through standard custom attributes.

It supports generic types and generic methods.

Many graphical user interfaces have been improved, including support for xp themes.

Pre build and post build events are supported.

Library mode can be selected for each assembly element.

The assembly is automatically strongly named and released after build.

This paper improves the algorithm that relies on “user specified assembly loading path” to find external assembly dependencies.

It can be integrated with msbuild.

Source code obfuscation control source code obfuscation control source code obfuscation control source code obfuscation control

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