Installation tutorial of visual studio 2017 and visual Assist X

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I. installation tutorial of visual studio 2017

Visual studio 2017 download address:

Take the windows system as an example, we can generally choose the community version, which is a free version and can already meet our basic needs, so we can download the community 2017 version corresponding to windows.

The specific installation process is brief.

2. Installation tutorial of VA assistant

Visual Assist X 10.9.2210 download address: Extraction code: 472l

1. Download and unzip.

2. Close visual studio 2017 and double-click VA_ X_ Setup2210.exe, select Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, and then click Install.

3. After installation, will download good VA_ 10. DLL to the path as shown in the figure.


Finally, open vs again and you can use it normally

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