Bug [virtual machine error reporting]: summary of RM: cannot remove X: read only file system in CentOS

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Problem Description: when I finished the test on the virtual machine, in the process of clearing the project in the environment, the file system was damaged due to misoperation. Some log files became read-only files and could not be deleted. This error was reported. The specific cause of misoperation will be analyzed later

The problem is: RM: cannot remove ` 03/03a707c4dce673e63218917d710388. Cache ‘: read only file system


DF - M ᦇ to view the file system partition, the biggest one is the file system used by the system DF – M ᦇ to view the file system partition

mount # or view the file system partition in this way

fsck - Y/dev/mapper/volgroup00-logvol00 ᦇ perform repair of file system

shutdown - r now ᦇ restart the system after repair

Then run RM - RF again, and you won't be prompted to read only file system

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