CentOS8 Install redis-6.0.6 make test:“ You need tcl 8.5 or newer in order to run the Redis test“

Installing redis-6.0.6 under centos8

Refer to redis-6.0.6

Download, unzip and compile redis

$ wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-6.0.6.tar.gz
$ tar xzf redis-6.0.6.tar.gz
$ cd redis-6.0.6
$ make

Enter the decompressed SRC directory and start redis with the following command:

$ src/redis-server

You can use the built-in client to interact with redis

$ src/redis-cli
redis&> set foo bar
redis&> get foo

Make test test redis-6.0.6

When testing redis, there was a problem:

[root@etcd3 src]# make test
You need tcl 8.5 or newer in order to run the Redis test
make: *** [test] Error 1

Install 8.5 or the latest TCL:

[root@etcd3 tmp]# wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/tcl/tcl8.6.1-src.tar.gz
[root@etcd3 tmp]# tar xzvf tcl8.6.1-src.tar.gz  -C /usr/local/
[root@etcd3 tmp]# cd  /usr/local/tcl8.6.1/unix/
[root@etcd3 unix]# ./configure
[root@etcd3 unix]# make
[root@etcd3 unix]# make isntall

re-run redis test: [root@etcd3 src]# make test

[root@etcd3 src]# make test

\o/ All tests passed without errors!

Cleanup: may take some time... OK

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