Chromedriver executable needs to be in path [How to Solve]

Error when executing webdriver. Chrome(): Chrome driver executable needs to be in path

The reason may be that chrome driver is installed, or the chrome driver version does not match the chrome version

Step 1. Download chromedriver

View your own chrome version, and view the corresponding table of chrome driver to download

Download address:

Step 2. Copy chromedriver.exe to the Chrome browser installation directory

After downloading the zip package, we found that there was only one chromedriver.exe file in it. Put the file under the installation directory of Chrome browser. For example, C: program files (x86), Google, chrome and application

(view chrome installation directory: open Chrome browser, open Task Manager, right-click chrome.exe, click properties to view the installation location)

Step 3. Copy chromedriver.exe to the python installation directory

Step 4. Add the browser environment variable to the system path

Turn on the computer – on the computer desktop – right click – my computer – select properties

In my computer properties – left – click – advanced system settings

Click environment variable find path Edit in system variable

OK! Try the python script under execution~

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