Conversion to MySQL shell script execution error $’\ R’: command not found

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Problem description

A small shell script written a few days ago was used to test the automatic installation of MySQL. Today’s test runs, and then the following error appears:

$’\ R’: command not found

Problem analysis

Check the script, no problem, just empty lines. It is suggested that this error is not the code itself. It is suspected that it may be the coding format error. The script is edited under Linux to complete the test. Later, I made a simple modification, which was completed in the window, and then uploaded to the Linux server
note: the newline in win is carriage return + newline, that is, the newline in UNIX

Linux does not recognize “R” as carriage return character. If the script has carriage return character, it will cause problems in the execution of script coding

Dealing with problems

execute the dos2unix script name on Linux, and execute the script after conversion

Check the SH file for garbled code

cat -Amysql_ install_

prompt to install without dos2unix command

[ root@localhost soft]# dos2unix mysql_ install_

bash: dos2unix: command not found…

[ root@localhost soft]# yum -y install dos2unix

Execute dos2unix script name on Linux,

[ root@localhost soft]# dos2unix mysql_ install_

dos2unix: converting file mysql_ install_ to Unix format …

and then execute the script

After the script is executed, MySQL goes directly to the login interface. Done

In learning, try to develop good habits slowly, code, test and update under Linux, etc


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