Eclipse C/C++ Error: launch failed,binary not found

After searching information on the Internet and testing by myself, the following methods are feasible:

1. First, install Java
2, install eclipse 3.32 + mingw1
3, open CDT package, copy plugins and features to eclipse’s corresponding directory
4, delete org.eclipse.update in eclipse’s configuration directory
5, start eclipse, now you can build C/C + + Project
6, now build your C/C + + project
7, and write your source code
8, Create a new builder in project properties (project → properties, select builder tab → new, double-click program)
9, enter the make path of your MinGW in the location of main tab (no need to click, the first one is by default), such as C:: (MinGW/bin) mingw32-make.exe
enter the directory of your project makefile in working directory, For example, click “apple” to update, and then click “OK” to return to the editing interface
10. Create a makefile file without adding a suffix. Enter “all” instead of “GCC – O”, your program name and your source code name. C ”

Note: before G + +, use tab instead of space. The above compiler is C. to compile c + +, you need to use G + + – O hello. CPP
to set make targets, windows – > Show View-> Make Targets。 Right click in the make targets window, select add build target, target name input: compile, make target input: all. Double click compile to complete the compilation
11, now run your project

8 ~ 10 is the key point, please pay attention

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