docker: Get x509: certificate is valid for *, not …

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Here’s the command:

docker run -itd –name test01 ubuntu



Add the following configuration in/etc/docker/daemon.json:

[ root@node01 docker]# cat daemon.json
{“debug”:true,”registry-mirrors”: [” “],”insecure-registries”:[“”]}

It mainly includes “debug”: true and “insure registers”: [“registry-1. Docker. IO”]

“registry-mirrors”: [” “] is to use the domestic Netease image for acceleration

later, I found that the above method still failed. Finally, I used the alicloud image to do it:

uses his Alipay account to log on to Ali cloud:

Then visit the following address:

As shown in the figure below:

Everyone’s image address is different. Copy the code in the bottom red box to change the image into an alicloud image

It’s done

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