Harbor 443 connect connection refused [How to Solve]

I installed docker yesterday. After learning the relevant operations, I wanted to try to push the image to the harbor I built. I didn’t expect that I could not log in when I logged in to the harbor.

Harbor 443 connect connection refused keeps appearingFollow the two operations on the Internet

1. The solution in  /etc/docker/daemon.json: just add insecure-registries

   " registry-mirrors " : [ " https://m4x67mmr.mirror.aliyuncs.com " ],
   " insecure-registries " : [ " " ]

2. Solution in docker.service: add –insecure-registry in ExecStart

ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd --insecure-registry=

After these two additions, I found that restarting docker failed. When I checked the specific reasons, I found

insecure-registry It is configured in 2 times, resulting in duplicate read error, delete one of them can be. Then execute the following command
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart docker


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