Eclipse can’t open, prompt could not open jvm.cfg error

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let’s start with : my problem is just my java_ JDK was originally installed in F:: temp, but I later changed this folder to F:: Java when I was sorting out files_ jdk。 So it leads to errors

Solution 1:

Because my only directory name changed, resulting in unable to find the file path, so the easiest way is to change the file path back (scared me not to change the file name in the future)_ T)

Solution 2:

An article of Baidu before me: Portal

First, open the directory location of the prompt to find out whether the file and folder exist. If it does not exist, it means that there is an error in the Java installation process and the corresponding file is not installed. You need to uninstall Java in the control panel and then re install it. That’s what happened to me

If the file exists, it can be said that the system cannot find it. There must be something wrong with the path saved in the registry or the median value of environment variables (at this time, you can change their values. If you don’t know what to change, you can see below)

file does not exist:

After uninstalling, visit the registry before re installing, delete the following information and click Start — > Run – > Enter regedit to open the registry

1、 Find HKEY_ LOCAL_ Machine/software/javasoft, just delete this javasoft. Javasoft normally includes at least three items: Java development kit, Java plug in, and Java runtime environment. Don’t be afraid. If you delete javasoft, you will delete all three items. The problem itself is here, so you need to delete the javasoft item

2、 Re install JDK (if you don’t change the file location, choose the default, that’s the best!) After reassembling, you will find that there is a new HKEY_ LOCAL_ Machine/software/javasoft, these parameters are new, there will be no problem

file exists:

This situation is mostly because JDK has been installed on the computer before. After unloading and reloading, running Java command will appear error:could not Error in open… Jvm.cfg. Open the system environment variable and view the path. You will see such configuration information

%SystemRoot%\system32;% SystemRoot%;……% JAVA_ HOME%\lib;% JAVA_ HOME%\bin

Reason: when running Java, the default is to find the java.exe file according to the path set in the path. According to the above path information, the first step is to find the file in the% systemroot% \ system32 directory, and the JDK installation directory corresponding to the java.exe in the directory has been unloaded. Naturally, the prompt that the file cannot be opened will appear

You may understand that there are two simple solutions

1. Directly delete java.exe under the system32 directory (or windows directory, depending on the path setting in the path) (in fact, if you look at the file date, you will find that the file date is different from that under the currently installed Java bin directory)

2. Direct% Java_ HOME%\bin; Put it at the front of the path (you know why)

After reading this article, you basically know how to install Java again_ When using JDK, you need to configure the path (registry and environment variables) of JDK. At this time, you can modify them

In my case, the easiest way is to change the file name back, but you can also find the registry and change the corresponding values of java development kit, Java plug in, and Java runtime environment (its value is a path point) and environment variables

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