[Solved] Factory method ‘jdbcDialect‘ threw exception; nested exception is org.springframework.data.jdbc.repo

When I use spring boot starter JDBC, there is a problem after configuring the data source. It prompts me to provide a dialect object for the data source.

Because I use the domestic Damon database, spring does not provide the corresponding dialog, and I am too lazy to write. The solution is very simple. Replace spring boot starter JDBC with Tomcat JDBC
my data source configuration is as follows:

Tomcat JDBC dependency:


Successfully resolved:

But later, I found that it reported a password error. It turned out that my password was wrong. I needed to add double quotation marks to the password to run normally. However, I saw that others could run without adding them. Forgive me for my little white didn’t understand

Later, the pom.xml file was changed

Application.yaml: the password is enclosed in double quotation marks

Test run succeeded:

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