Failed to decode downloaded font [How to Solve]

The following error is encountered. This error occurs when the print, export and filter columns of layui are opened. The icon and text cannot be displayed normally


@Reference article

Because after Maven’s filter, the binary file format of the font file will be destroyed, and the foreground parsing error will occur


Remove the interception of. TFF and. Woff


            <mvc:mapping path="/**" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/fonts/*" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.css" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.js" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.png" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.gif" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.jpg" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.jpeg" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.ttf" />
            <mvc:exclude-mapping path="/**/*.woff" />

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