How to connect Android mobile phone with ADB & reasons and solutions of unable to connect to

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There are two ways to connect a mobile phone with an ADB:

1, wifi

2, usb.

1. Connect the mobile phone through WiFi and ADB

Enter the command in the CMD of PC:

adb connect

If the connection is successful, you can enter the Android shell

In the process of my own operation, the PC can ping through the mobile phone, but there is a little problem when the ADB connects to the mobile phone, indicating that it is unable to connect to What is the reason?The original mobile phone’s default ADB service is not turned on, otherwise, other people’s ADBS can connect at will, isn’t it very unsafe?Therefore, we need to find a way to turn on the ADB service on the mobile phone. What’s going on?First, download an Android emulator on your mobile phone (of course, if you have one, you don’t need to download it), then switch to the root permission and execute the following command to open the ADB service:


setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555

stop adbd

start adbd

Then the ADB can connect to the mobile phone, as shown in the figure:

2. Connect the mobile phone through USB and ADB

I connected the mobile phone to the PC through USB, but the ADB didn’t connect the mobile phone, so I downloaded the Android driver and installed it. So the ADB is connected to the phone. So you can use the ADB shell to enter the Android system of the mobile phone

Pay attention to the way of USB connection, do not need ADB connect


Comparison: Method 1 has higher requirements, needs to rely on a stable network, and the operation is troublesome. Method 2 is much simpler

Of course, first of all, open the developer option – > USB debugging is recommended to connect with 360 mobile assistant, install USB driver and debug development interface before exiting

After the successful connection of the ADB, you can use windows CMD terminal mode to debug, and of course, you can also use Android Studio – > Tools-> Android-> Android device monitor debugging:


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