adb server version (31) doesn’t match this client (41); killing…

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1. Sometimes when you use the ADB tool to connect to an Android device or simulator, you will be prompted with such a prompt as ADB Server Version (31) doesn’t match this client (41). As shown in the picture


The literal meaning of the prompt is that the current client version 41 does not match the server version. The current version is too high. Note that the client here is the version of the ADB program that has been installed on your computer, and the server, your server, is the device that will be connected

It’s said on the Internet that if there is such a mismatch, just download the corresponding version of ADB and replace the one you installed before. The corresponding Android studio path is the adb.exe program in the platform tools folder of your Android SDK directory


In fact, it’s not about solving problems. This is because my computer is installed with 360 mobile phone assistant, which occupies the port of ADB. Because of the uniqueness of socket (a socket can only be uniquely determined by protocol/network address/port number), a computer can only have one program associated with the corresponding port, and the corresponding port for ADB is 5037

In order to verify whether port 5037 is occupied, you can use netstat – ano | findstr “5037” to find the process ID of the port number corresponding to 5037, that is, PID


Sure enough, there is a corresponding process on port 5037. We try to find the corresponding process name and use tasklist | findstr “13656” to delete it

Through searching in the process, it is found that the 360 mobile assistant can only be unloaded
run again after uninstall: ADB devices succeeded

Of course, the premise is to ensure that the mobile phone is connected to the computer normally, and the USB of the mobile phone is in the debugging state



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