How to Solve Rancher Install Longhorn Error

1. Rancher Install Longhorn

When you are installing Longhorn, longhorn-driver-deployerand longhorn-managerfailing to start successfully.

Search in the app storeLonghorn


Others keep the default, just startclick



2. Solution

View longhorn-managerone of the Pod logs as follows:

2022/02/22 02:45:53 proto: duplicate proto type registered: VersionResponse 
time="2022-02-22T02:45:53Z" level=error msg="Failed environment check, please make sure you have iscsiadm/open-iscsi installed on the host" 
time="2022-02-22T02:45:53Z" level=fatal msg="Error starting manager: Environment check failed: Failed to execute: nsenter [--mount=/host/proc/1/ns/mnt --net=/host/proc/1/ns/net iscsiadm --version], output , stderr, nsenter: failed to execute iscsiadm: No such file or directory\n, error exit status 127" 


The missing iscsiadmcommand is found through the log error report. You can install the command according to your system. The relevant information queried is as follows:


My system is CentOS and each node needs to install:

[root@k8s-master01 ~]# yum install iscsi-initiator-utils

After installation, select the Pod that cannot be successfully started and redeploy it.


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