How to Solve Tomcat Error: removeGeneratedClassFiles failed

There is no problem putting the program in the test environment, but it is a problem putting it in the formal environment. I always feel that it is an environmental problem. The environment can bring problems, but not all problems can be said to be caused by the environment

This should be corrected. And treat the problem calmly. Look wrong

The program won’t lie to you. This problem has been tormented for a long time! Hey. A hundred degrees to figure out what’s going on

The following error is reported after the Tomcat switch user restarts:

16-Mar-2016 15:32:12.162 WARNING [http-nio-8888 exec-15] org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.removeGeneratedClassFiles Failed to delete generated class file [/home/project/getui/apache-tomcat-7/work/Catalina/localhost/getui-project/org/apache/jsp/jsp/hft_005faudit_005flist_jsp.class]
16-Mar-2016 15:32:12.163 WARNING [http-nio-8888-exec-15] org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.removeGeneratedFiles Failed to delete generated Java file [/home/project/getui/apache-tomcat-7/work/Catalina/localhost/getui-project/org/apache/jsp/jsp/]
16-Mar-2016 15:32:12.185 WARNING [http-nio-8888-exec-15] org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.generateJava Failed to delete generated Java file [/home/project/getui/apache-tomcat-7/work/Catalina/localhost/getui-project/org/apache/jsp/jsp/]


Cause of error: the server logs in with the secret key, but the kill program cannot be lost, so let the operation and maintenance use root kill, and switch the user to operate the program, resulting in this error

The error is very abnormal. Sometimes the access program is normal, sometimes 404, sometimes 500, and the updated program cannot be updated. The cache is also cleared. That’s not the problem. It was caused by switching users. Unable to compile classes file

Look up and sigh

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