HTTP Error 500.0 – ANCM In-Process Handler Load Failure [How to Solve]

HTTP error 500.0 – ANCM in process handler load failure troubleshooting

Report the wrong map first

Environment window server 2008 R2

netcore 2.2

Troubleshooting process

Seeing this mistake, I was the first to think about the installation of NETCORE

I checked the environment first

Found no problem, I checked the application pool

It’s no trust

Confirm the next module

That’s right

Check the documents and type out the logs

I can’t see anything

All kinds of GitHub stack overflow are not listed. In short, there is no harvest

Run it directly

Yes, you can continue to suspect IIS problems

Restart IIS, continue no

The ultimate Dafa restarts the server… Well, it still can’t

Check the next system version

It’s really x64. I’m trying to release a 32 version of it,… It can & gt>???

Is my system deceiving me?It’s a 32-bit system that displays 64 — a neurotic test

Continue troubleshooting

Look at the advanced configuration of application pool

Why is the trough broken?Turn it off and try All right! Don’t you think 32-bit is false by default?I remember wrong?Yes, the default is false. I’m sure

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