Install intel xtu Error: “Attempted to install on an unsupported platform”

Want to install Intel XTU on x1c 2018, suddenly found that no matter what, even the old version can not be installed.

Because only K series overclocking CPU is supported. My CPU is 8550u.

Always report mistakes

Attempted to install on an unsupported platform


cd C:\Users\Username\Downloads
## Run .exe installer
## Proceed until error message on screen - Don't exit
# Copy the .msi version of the installer package from %Programdata%\Package Cache\ location
copy C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{275588D7-6C9D-4FB0-BBAE-2FA3F7C2DADB}v6.4.1.25\XTUInstaller.msi C:\Users\Username\Downloads\XTUInstaller.msi
## Exit the .exe installer
# Run the .msi version of the installer setting the DISABLEPLATFORMCHECK property to '1'
msiexec /i XTUInstaller.msi DISABLEPLATFORMCHECK=1

In short, download a good exe point installation, and then stop in this screen

Sort by modification time in the folder C: (programdata) package cache, and find the file containing Intel_ XtuInstaller.msi , save this MSI

Then install it from the command line

msiexec /i Intel_XtuInstaller.msi DISABLEPLATFORMCHECK=1

Principle: xtuexe decompresses an MSI in temp every time, but if the installation fails or succeeds, it will delete the MSI.

So, when you report an error, copy it. Use command line arguments to cause the installation to succeed

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