Win7 is unable to install the program to prompt the installer integrity check has failed

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Recently, Xiao Ming downloaded a piece of software in win7 system, but when downloading, he popped up the prompt of NSIS error: installer integrity check has failed. Common causer include include complete download and damaged media. Contact the installer’s author to obtain a new copy

this prompt is generally caused by a package error. You can try the following methods to repair it:

1. Right click the setup program and select “send to” – desktop shortcut

2. Right click the shortcut you just created and select properties

3. Leave a blank space at the end of the target shortcut attribute “target” column, and then enter/NCRC, and then click apply and confirm

4. Double click to run the shortcut. If it can be installed normally, the installation package is good. If it still cannot be installed, you need to download the installation package again

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