IOS Upload Package Error: error itms-90478: invalid version [How to Solve]

After uploading the ipa package for iOS, I received this email

Error Message:

  ERROR ITMS-90478: "Invalid Version. The build with the version “2.20.170928” can’t be imported because a later version has been closed for new build submissions. Choose a different version number."
  ERROR ITMS-90062: "This bundle is invalid. The value for key CFBundleShortVersionString [2.0] in the Info.plist file must contain a higher version than that of the previously approved version [2.20.170928]."

Version markers note the specification.

Invalid or Non-Increasing CFBundleShortVersionString - The value specified in 
the bundle's Info.plist file for the key CFBundleShortVersionString must be 
a string consisting of at most three dot-separated components, where each 
component is composed only of the digits 0 through 9. For example,any of 
the following are syntactically valid values for 
CFBundleShortVersionString: "1.0", "4.2.1", "3.46", "1.112.0"; whereas the 
following are all syntactically invalid: "", "GX5", "3.4.2b6", 
"2.6GM", "1.0 (Gold)", "-3.6". Additionally, each updated version of the same 
application must have a CFBundleShortVersionString that increases relative 
to that of the previous version that was actually made available for sale 
on the iTunes Store. For example, if a previously-available version had a 
CFBundleShortVersionString of "1.4", then any of the following would be 
acceptable as the next update: "1.4.1", "1.4.332", "1.5"; but all of the 
following (though syntactically valid) would be unacceptable: "1.4", "1.3", 
"1.3.9", "0.9". For more information about the CFBundleShortVersionString key 
and the Info.plist file, see Apple's Runtime Configuration Guidelines at

Solutions and knowledge points:

(1) The version number shall be standardized

(2) The version number is cfbundleshortversionstring, which is also the external version number on ITC. The build version number is cfbundleversion, which is also the build version number on ITC

(3) Each version and build should be larger than the corresponding one in the latest ITC

(4) The version of each time is larger than the build on ITC this time

(5) Compared with 1.3.2, 1.20 is larger because 20 is larger than 3. Do not regard ‘.’ as a decimal point. This is just a separator.

For the above screenshot errors, I can set the current version and bulid version numbers to 2.30 or 3.0, or other.

Then I went to the testflight in the app store connect and found that there was a 1.30, so I knew the problem. I didn’t know when to get this 1.30. It should be 1.3.0. I accidentally wrote it as 1.30, resulting in a higher version. Therefore, I couldn’t submit it later on 1.3.2 and 1.3.4.

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