JProfiler> ERROR: Invalid license key. Aborting.

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Using idea + Tomcat to open jpprofiler, there is an error

1. Error in event log

16:10 Application Server was not connected before run configuration stop, reason:
Unable to ping server at localhost:1099

It is suspected that the port is occupied. If it is changed to 1094, it is still invalid

2. View the output of jpprofiler

jpprofiler > ERROR: Invalid license key. Aborting.

Obviously, the registration code is invalid

After reloading jpprofiler, do not enter the registration code, select the 10 day period of debugging to see if it can be connected, the result is OK

Download the permanent cracked version of jpprofiler 11 (including the registration machine, run it to generate the registration code, write the user name and company, fill in the registration code, and do it)

Link: Extraction code: pi7n

It is feasible to test with parents

a valid registration code is required for remote monitoring, otherwise “jpprofiler > Error: invalid license key. Aborting. “Error. I found a few registration codes from the Internet, but they didn’t work. When I installed them later, I chose to try them out, which can realize remote monitoring, but the probation period is only 10 days
after repeated trials, it is recommended that you install jpprofiler version 9.2.1. Most of the online registration codes can be used, and remote monitoring can also be realized original link:

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