How to Solve “unsupported item key” Common Error

During ZABBIX monitoring, you will be prompted: Unsupported item key, which generally has the following reasons.

1. Sometimes user-defined scripts are used for monitoring. After zabix-agentd.conf is modified, it is not restarted, so an error will be reported
solution: restart ZABBIX agent

service zabbix-agent restart

2. Check whether your monitoring window is open

When using ZABBIX to monitor the server, the ZABBIX agent communicates with the ZABBIX server through port 10050. The server listens on port 10051 and the client listens on port 10050, so we need to expose the port. Sometimes, the server does not open port 10050, resulting in an error.

netstat -lntup

3. If the firewall is not closed, you need to check whether the port of the firewall and the security group on the cloud service allow the port to be opened to the outside world

4. If it is a self-defined monitoring item, you need to check whether to add the corresponding value in the configuration file of ZABBIX agent

For example, the corresponding script information, otherwise the data cannot be transmitted to the server through the agent

2 UserParameter=tablespace[*],C:\scripts\CheckORATBS.bat $1 $2

5. Zabbix_agentd version compatibility causes the failure of item_key not to support.
It may be that the two port versions are inconsistent due to the upgrade of the client or the server, which may cause errors.
Resolve the version; upgrade the client or server to the same version


6, zabbix_get can get the value, but the item is still Not Supported. If your value type setting is correct, there are the following solutions:

—A. Wait 10 minutes, zabbix will recheck the Supported status of the current item.
—B. Delete the current item and recreate it
—c. Modify the recheck time of zabbix, for example, change it to 10 minutes, click administration—>General—>the ​​drop-down bar on the right and select “other”—>Refresh unsupported items (in sec) Change to 60 (in seconds) —->update.

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