Mac VMware fusion private network shut down DHCP

Because of the need of work, we need to install a virtual machine to test and learn to use the common functions of panabit flow control system, so we add a lot of virtual machine network cards. However, the usage of each network card is different. We need a control port, an external network port and an internal network port.

The control port uses the static address, here uses the MAC new network configuration, and then the virtual machine bridges to the network configuration to make it in the same network segment.

The external network port is configured in Ethernet so that it can access the external network normally by using the IP of the superior router as a physical machine.

The intranet port uses the private network mode, and the DHCP service is enabled on the panabit, so the private network vmnet of the virtual machine has its own DHCP function, which makes my new XP virtual machine as a client unable to obtain the IP assigned by panabit.

So I didn’t find any information on the Internet. When I used to use windows, VMware had a virtual network editor that could close DHCP directly, which was more convenient.

But I want to turn off DHCP here, so the way I found is as follows

Enter the relevant directory

 cd /Library/Preferences/VMware\ Fusion/

Edit file

sudo vim networking

Modification of documents

answer VNET_1_DHCP no
answer VNET_1_DHCP_CFG_HASH 5D88992D00D27DF345A3A1B9D53D37DC64646B16
answer VNET_8_DHCP yes
answer VNET_8_DHCP_CFG_HASH B871CF5BA10C8B875E2D9E45A46855B9E8644E55
answer VNET_8_NAT yes
add_bridge_mapping en1 2

Just change the DHCP on it to No.
note: if you don’t know which one to modify, if you look directly at it without NAT, and if you don’t have a head NAT, it’s a private network. After modifying and saving, you must right-click to exit VM completely, and then reopen it to take effect. this is the first time that you want to modify a private network

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