Vmware-ubuntu 16.04 Start Virtual Machine Error [How to Solve]

1. VMware cannot start the virtual machine. The error message includes: another program has locked part of the file, and the process cannot access it   Cannot open disk “… \ XX. Vmdk” or a snapshot disk it depends on.


Probably the last time the virtual machine was shut down abnormally, VMware didn’t have time to open the lock.


①   Delete the “XX.Vmdk.Lck” file in the same location as the disk file “XX.Vmdk” given in the error message (XX indicates the same name)

②   ifconfig -a   Only lo, no IP address, and only lo is written in the rules file.

1.   sudo lshw -C network   View the network card information, mainly the name of the logical network card, such as “ens33”.

2.   Local: this computer – Management – service and application – service, running all VMware related programs, including “volume shadow copy”.

3.    sudo dhclient ens33   Get the IP dynamically. Ens33 is the name you saw in step 1.

4.   You may need to restart.

③   Password required for immovable lock screen

1.   System Settings – Brightness & Lock   Set it yourself.

2.    Passwd – D username. Delete user password

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