The VMware authorization service is not running

The VMware authorization service is not running.

my solution is to open the Windows Task Manager and select the “service” menu bar to display the following interface:

Then there is the “service” option in the top tab of the interface
click “service” to enter the “service” tab
search the services related to VMware in the service list, and the search results are as follows:

right click the “VMware authorization service” service, and click the start option.

View the status after startup.

Similarly, right-click the “VMware authorization service” service and click open service

Enter the service dialog box

Find VM related services,

You can see that the startup mode of the service is “automatic”. If it is manual, it means that I have to operate it manually every time I turn off the service and then turn it on. In order to realize the self startup of the service.

Right click “VMware authorization service” and click “properties” to make the following settings:

Change the “startup type” option from “manual” to “automatic”.
Now check the final startup status:
OK now, the settings are complete, and it’s OK to start the virtual machine again

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