[Modified] Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin:3.0.0

Error reporting reason:

From is not preceded by a space

An extra space is added after row

After looking for the error for a long time, I thought it was an environmental problem or a problem with the POM. As a result, I was careless. Now I don’t know why the first from added a space less. Why would I report an error

If you encounter this problem, in addition to the methods given online, you can take a look at your own code

The first line is the wrong codes:
"select * from" +"(select * ,ROW_NUMBER() over(partition by windowEnd order by cnt desc)as row_num" +"from agg)" +"where row _num <= 5");

"select * from " +"(select * ,ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by windowEnd order by cnt desc) as row_num" +" from agg) " +" where row_num <= 5 ");

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