No r interpreter defined appears under pychar

When installing pychar for Python development, you often prompt no r interpreter defined in the lower right corner. Processing method:
1. Install R, and then add the path of R to pychar:

2. If you don’t need R language development, just uninstall R language plug-in:

and restart pychar


Method 1: select the installation of R, and then add the path of R to pychar:

① open the comprehensive R archive network of R language

② download according to the corresponding system

③ download and install. Basically, click “next” to complete the installation

④ add the installation path of R to pychar

files – > Settings-> Languages & Frameworks-> R language

⑤ finally, click “OK” to complete the path configuration of R language

⑥ restart pychar, and the red warning will not be displayed in the open interface. So far, the problem is solved

method 2. If R is not needed in the development process, uninstall the R language plug-in directly

files – > Settings-> Plugins-> R Language Support-> Uninstall

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