Npapi and ppapi problems of “application / x-vlc-plugin not supported”

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Recently, we have done a front-end project. The project needs to refer to VLC browser plug-in. JavaScript has no problem in ie, Firefox and other browsers, but the plug-in cannot be supported in Chrome (Google) browser

Problems were found after constantly changing chrome versions. VLC plug-ins are only supported before version 41. Later, we found that this is the problem of npapi and ppapi

To put it simply, the npapi plug-in interface was first developed for netscape browsers, and later became a plug-in standard supported by other browsers. The floating windows downloaded by Alibaba Wangwang and Baidu cloud are also developed according to npapi. Compared with npapi, ppapi is a new standard to be supported by chrome

Why change API?What they say is that: (npapi) has performance, hang, complexity, security and other issues. In addition, not supporting mobile devices is also the main reason for its elimination

Another bad news:

Mozilla has planned to stop supporting npapi plug-ins from December this year. Chad Weiner, director of product management at Mozilla, said that a powerful and open web should run anywhere without any special purpose plug-ins. That means that after December 2015, browsers such as Firefox will not be able to support npapi plug-ins. Of course, there are still some ways to join the white list

Let’s talk about the process of Chrome browser supporting VLC (similar to other npapi plug-ins):

View browser version

browser “help and introduction” – & gt“ About

2. According to different versions, follow the steps below

Chrome before 41:

Directly in the address bar chrome://plugins/ Find the corresponding plug-in, check “always allow” and restart the browser


42-45 version of chrome:

Address bar input: chrome://flags/ , as shown in the figure below, click “enable” npapi plug-in


Then enter in the address bar: chrome://plugins/ Find the corresponding plug-in, check “always allow” and restart the browser


Of course, after the restart, he will still pop up a warm hint of schadenfreude: “this plug-in will not support it soon.”. But it does not affect the use

46 – later versions of chrome:

Change the browser version. After September 2015, they only support ppapi

First, uninstall chrome and open the control panel – > Unload

Then select “delete your browsing data at the same time” (the lower version of chrome can’t read the data format of the higher version, so be sure to select it), click uninstall, and then install the lower version of chrome


3、 Of course, there is also a temporary way. If you don’t uninstall version 46, you can download the green version of chrome

Download address: To the folder, click the executable file directly. Repeat the above configuration

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