No resource identifier found for attribute ‘keyboardNavigationCluster’ in package ‘android’

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Recently, when the project was adapted to 8.0, the decompiler reported this error: no resource identifier found for attribute ‘keyboardnavigationcluster’ in package ‘Android’. I found all kinds of blogs on the Internet, but failed to find a solution. The final solution is as follows:

1. Upgrade apktool to the latest version

2. Execute the following command through the command line of CMD (you need to enter the directory of apktook to run this command)

java -jar apktool_ 2.3.4.jar empty-framework-dir

The following is the result of running the command in the corresponding apktool directory, which means that the execution is successful (deleting 1. APK manually does not take effect, you must use the command)

E:\Work\vc\BuildApkTools\trunk\src\Bin\Release\apktools> java -jar apktool_ 2.3.4.
jar empty-framework-dir
I: Removing 1.apk framework file…


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